Cloud Consumption Economics

Consumption is the key to the success of a service. In the new world cloud will pull software prices down and  enables companies to expand the market. Gone are the days of exclusivity and only few can have it paradigm.

Shifting market trend on expansion leading to prices pulling down is evident.

Only companies offering cloud tech will succeed provided they are:

  • Eliminating complex installs
  • Seamless upgrades (Zero Downtime Deployment)
  • Better experience
  • Almost flat learning curve

Large companies controlling design, specs, features etc led to great process maturity to protect each other, but the end product need by end user is less adopted leading to consumption GAP!

Changing trend is that end user researches Google, Linkedin, Youtube etc to find the product & features, reviews, competitive prices, discounts etc and choose the one that is suitable to them, even if its not from large companies. Thus monopoly is seriously at threat. Users are free to choose  and choose only product they use it.

Tech companies will capitalize end-user level behavior data. The potential impact of this data and the real time end-user connection will have impact on sales, marketing, services & development investments of enterprises.

Winners and losers are determined by the end user connection and insights into the DATA!. User insight will determine product usage, adoption and driving increase number of micro transactions.

New entrepreneurs should respect the micro-transactions -pennies add up to dollars and Drive adoptions with micro-transactions and  drive usage

New World MANTRA – ‘No Usage, NO MONEY’!!!

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