Are we ready to engineer intelligence?

Very fundamental question, but rarely asked by budding data science practitioners. I found that many are getting lost in learning a language or using a package to implement an algorithm or tweaking the data set to improve the results. Its not a bad thing, but it will not break the barrier either Reflecting on the … More Are we ready to engineer intelligence?

Physically in lock down, consciousness lighted and spiritually liberated

In a lock-down day, what would you do in the evening at 7:30PM? Either winding down or whining about the lock-down or wasting away time watching TV until knocked down by sleep In these unprecedented times a true leader naturally evolves and world will look up to them as torch bearers for the path forward … More Physically in lock down, consciousness lighted and spiritually liberated

AI Insider perspectives with Students

A favorite weekend expectation is to get out of city to serene lush green place, having a good exchange on your favorite topics with enthusiastic friends and wrap up with good lunch….that is exactly was the experience this weekend with visionary leader Dr.Pratap Reddy and students of Dhruva Institute of Management discussing AI overview and … More AI Insider perspectives with Students

Design Book meets Design Thinking

I had privilege to meet Dr.P.V.Lakshmipathi (Foundly known as Dr.PV) and discuss on the book ‘7thSense AI’ and other topics on Design Thinking, Innovation and AI. Dr.PV is hub of knowledge and dedicated himself to mentoring, coaching and sharing. His approach to breakdown complex topics with simple statements, combined with witty analogies captures attention of … More Design Book meets Design Thinking

Manage Present and Prepare for Future

AI¬† based technology has enabled unprecedent potential for everyone¬† to scale globally and opening new opportunities. Multicore computing power, unlimited storage & uninterrupted network connectivity is becoming more viable than in past and every enterprise can tap into it seamlessly. With the new advancements, complex machine learning algorthims , augumented intelligent systems are accessible and … More Manage Present and Prepare for Future

7th Sense AI is available on Kindle & Paperback

Thank you for your fantastic response on the book release. Now the book is available on Amazon worldwide. You can get your copy using link below. I want to take this opportunity to share that any revenue from your purchase of this book will be contributed to help children projects through Colosseum Foundation. They are … More 7th Sense AI is available on Kindle & Paperback

Six reasons of Sadness

Over the weekend joined my friend Sahadev reviewing the Human excellence program conducted across various schools through Soham Academy. In many ways it was eyeopener revelation of forgotten lesson from a simple poem explained by a student on Six reasons of sadness- Ersha ghruNI nasaMtushTah krOdhanO nityaSaMkitaH parabhAgyOpajivee cha ShadEte nitys dhuHKitha Six reasons that … More Six reasons of Sadness