IEEE Conference @Hyderabad

World of IEEE

IEEE is one of oldest and best technical community in the world and is evolving with time. IEEE journals are the benchmark for the best papers on technology and deep coverage, leaving out any sales and marketing pitches.

I always look for IEEE forum for in-depth technology articles in any areas and will surely find it from experts to practitioners. Evolving from electronics and hardware areas, today IEEE forum are covering AI, Robotics and innovation in advanced computing.

Transforming myself from seeker to volunteer and mentor in IEEE forums is great feeling.

In any forum I find myself learning new stuff especially with IEEE life members. Life members of IEEE are experts in respective fields who have seen it all and are the best assets to reach out to gain from wealth of experience with wisdom that help to chart our careers.

In my recent visit, met some of the best brains discussing focus areas on Industrial AI, transformation through Internet of Things (IoT).

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